1. The Blue and Grey Club

    Established in 2011, the BLUE AND GREY CLUB is the College’s organization to support athletics. Club membership provides additional financial support exclusively for Hood’s 22 intercollegiate teams and two club sports. The following were members for 2016-2017.

    Philip W. Bowers ’83 *
    Brewer’s Alley *

    Mark E. Friis M.A.’82 *
    KBE Building Corporation *
    Allan Kleban *
    A. Betsy McCain McAlpine ’51, H’17 and Harrison McAlpine Jr. * +
    Danielle Stauffer Orndorff ’12 and Richard L. Orndorff ’12
    Dorianna Colon Rice ’88 and Kent Rice *
    Sharon Delphey Stauffer ’83, P’11, P’12 and Michael A. Stauffer ’00, P’11, P’12 *
    Linda Volpe and Ronald J. Volpe H’15 *

    Stephanie Robertson Belella ’84, P’15, P’19 and Paul A. Belella P’15, P’19 *
    Philip A. Berkheimer *
    Margaret Burlew and Kevin Benton P’17
    Kay and Thomas E. Dickman *
    Amy and Bryan Duff P’20
    Richard M. Dull *
    Karen and Thomas Esposito P’18
    Noel T. Farmer Jr.
    Frederick Motor Company
    Sue Ann and John Fulton P’19
    Robert G. Hooper *
    Amelia D. and Steven A. Jones
    Jean Munshour ’88
    Katherine Maguire Rafferty ’48 *
    Yvonne G. and E. James Reinsch *
    Shockley Honda *
    Marisa A. Shockley ’91 *
    Michael K. Shockley
    Patricia and Alfred P. Shockley P’91 +
    Deborah Eaton Thackston ’79, P’11 *
    James P. Warfield
    Susan L. Whaley ’74 *
    Kimberly A. Wiegand-Kessler and David A. Kessler P’19

    Patricia and Mark Amatucci P’19
    Samuel Barish
    Lauren and Michael Battle P’17 *
    Joy Miller Beveridge ’82 *
    Staci Thomson Brennan
    Andrea E. Chapdelaine and David Tetreault
    Chapin Associates
    Susan and David P. Chapin P’91 *
    Amy N. and James H. Clapp *
    Lisa Coblentz *
    Janet Hobbs Cotton ’59 *
    Charles E. Covell ’83
    Shirley and Roger Eyler
    Nancy E. Gillece ’81 * +
    Kathie Jackovitz Harrington ’79 *
    Mary and Dan Helfrich
    Ben Henniges P’19
    Margaret O. and Charles W. Hoff III P’92 * +
    Elisabeth Crouter Holter ’76, B.S.N.’15 and C. Kurt Holter ’76 *
    Elaine A. Hubert ’70 * +
    Akira Kondo
    Dayna L. and Albert K. Lane III P’13 *
    Amy Kaufman MacLeod ’08, M.B.A.’11 *
    Cynthia Coles Magnuski ’82, P’17 and Donald Magnuski P’17
    Nancy A. and Kevin J. Mahoney P’19
    Carol and Michael Maniocha P’18
    Carla M. Merritt ’86
    George N. Mineff III ’11
    Suzanne Eckhardt Morgan ’55 *
    Margaret Wentworth Morse ’73
    Heidi Cramond Naidamast ’83
    Claudia Nichols Nealley ’84 and Mark L. Nealley M.S.’97 *
    Kathryn Zimmerman Nicodemus H’05 and Charles A. Nicodemus H’05 * +
    L. Joseph O’Hara ’14
    Patricia and James Orzech ’20
    A. Austin Pearre Jr.
    Winona R. and Steven J. Peterson P’12, P’14, P’19
    Ann F. Price-Davis ’98
    Helen-Mae Reisner ’72 +
    Charlene and Robert Robertson P’84, P’89, G’15, G’19
    Daniel D. Rocker ’11
    Karen and Mark Sawyer P’20
    Shoemaker, Horman & Clapp, P.A.
    Margaret and Richard Siebers P’20
    Jewel K. Smith ’96 *
    Peggy A. Souza ’05
    Nickolas C. Spicer ’11
    Faustena Fradd Vahsen ’53, P’77 *
    Anne Merrick Vosti ’58 *
    Mary Ann Driscoll Wiles ’80, M.S.’98 *
    Carol M. Wuenschel *
    Chelsea A. Young ’14