1. The Blue and Grey Club

    Established in 2011, the BLUE AND GREY CLUB is the College’s organization to support athletics. Club membership provides additional financial support exclusively for Hood’s 21 intercollegiate teams and two club sports. The following were members for 2012-2013.

    Linda J. Allan ’70, M.S.’78
    Nancy Tressel Brown ’57
    Beverly Langhorne Kirill ’44
    Kathleen and Douglas Marcello P’16
    Sharon Delphey Stauffer ’83, P’12, P’12 and Michael A. Stauffer ’00, P’12, P’12
    Sharon and Mark Voorhis P’13

    Sherri Smith Baggett ’81
    Philip A. Berkheimer
    Mark D. Chilton P’11
    Noel T. Farmer Jr.
    KBE Building Corporation
    Allan Kleban
    A. Betsy McCain McAlpine ’51 and Harrison McAlpine Jr.
    Lorie Harris Morrell ’84
    Sue and James Veres P’14
    Wolf’s Bus Lines

    Amy K. Chan
    Thomas E. Dickman
    Joy Gaddy ’78
    Mary Catherine Keegan-Ayer and Brent Ayer P’14, P’15
    Akira Kondo
    Katherine Maguire Rafferty ’48
    J. Ray Ramsburg III ’83, P’14
    Dorianna Colon Rice ’88
    Alfred P. Shockley P’91
    Susanna Schaeffer Smith ’88
    Susan L. Whaley ’74

    Edward S. Andochick
    Lauren and Michael Battle P’16
    Joy Miller Beveridge ’82
    Donna Jean Birmingham P’14 and Michael G. Birmingham ’86, P’14
    JoAnne M. Bodine ’09, P’13, P’15 and Charles Bodine P’13, P’15
    Terry Burdette
    Susan and David P. Chapin P’91
    Donna Ching-Foster and D. Jonathan Foster P’16
    Lisa Coblentz
    Ann Petrillo Connolly ’66
    Janet Hobbs Cotton ’59
    Mary and Gerald Curry P’16
    Mary R. and Michael B. Decembrino P’15
    Dianne and Kenneth Diehl P’14
    Cheryl Brown Dreiling ’69, H’13
    Laurie A. Drysdale ’80
    Sally and Richard M. Dull
    Margery Lesser Elfin
    Lois and Richard Fay P’16
    Kevin R. Filler
    Kathleen A. and William M. Filuta P’14
    Barbara Fischer P’13
    Rosemary Fourcade and Michael Hott P’16
    Mark E. Friis M.A.’82
    Gail L. Gamble ’69, H’93
    Connie and Gary Gambrell P’13
    Sandra and James E. Gangawere
    Raymond V. Gilden
    Elizabeth D. Goldsmith ’08
    Rita S. and Paul P. Gordon
    Margaret O. and Charles W. Hoff III P’92
    Robert G. Hooper
    Elaine A. Hubert ’70
    Holly N. Jackson M.B.A.’04 and Kevin C. Jackson
    Judith and Steven Jackson P’16
    Irene Jankowski P’15
    Patricia Knobloch Jones ’51
    Kelly M. Keyser ’09
    Uplaksh S. Kumar
    Dayna and Albert K. Lane III P’13
    Wendy and Thomas Langan P’14
    Mary E. and Howard L. Levine
    George E. Lewis Jr.
    Patricia and Robert Madert P’16
    Stacey and Robert Marlow P’15
    Julie M. and R. Barry McNeill P’09, P’14
    Jack P. Mehl M.A.’88
    Melanie L. Muscar ’04, M.B.A.’07
    Kathryn Zimmerman Nicodemus H’05 and Charles A. Nicodemus H’05
    Janet Spaulding Nunn ’61, P’06
    Jeanine M. Osman and Arnold J. Spandler P’13
    Lori and Todd Palmer P’16
    Patricia and John Prachar P’12
    E. James Reinsch
    Gilbert L. Romaine
    Linda Lash Ryan ’79
    Betty J. Schuler ’73
    Lynn and Fred Schumacher
    Marcia and Oney P. Smith P’13
    Suzanne W. Smith and Christopher H. Smith M.S.’95
    Tiffany L. Still ’05, M.A.’07, C’08
    Ronald J. Volpe
    Anne Merrick Vosti ’58
    Samuel R. Wells III
    Diane K. Wise
    Barbara Thomas Yinger ’57
    Lisa and Nate Zuckerberg P’16