1. Gifts in Kind

    Through a GIFT IN KIND to Hood last fiscal year, the following individuals and businesses donated non-monetary items of tangible property or services.

    Anne Andrews
    Lynne Bulhack
    Jane Collins Burnham ’61
    Teresa and Ted Chaconas
    Leatrice and Melvin Eagle
    Katherine Allen Endres ’68
    Aymalee Palmer Faust ’90
    Marylou Herrmann Foley ’64 *
    Delores G. Grigsby
    Pamela Borden Heckert ’71
    M. Margaret Horton Hindman ’69
    Russ Hodge
    Patrick W. Johnson
    Elizabeth Ditto Lillard ’79 *
    Diana Beers Lobdell ’65 * +
    Joyce Manbeck MacKellar ’74, M.S.’00, deceased
    Janet L. McDougall ’62 *
    Clayton Ogilvie *
    Amelia Cotter Pollock ’07
    Virginia G. and Robert S. Powers
    Carol A. Randolph *
    Marnie Roberts and W. Milnor Roberts W’67
    Deborah K. Schenkel *
    Carlyle B. Storm
    Eleanore Mago Tressler ’79, P’75, P’75
    Mary Frances Gaver Trunk ’64 and Charles F. Trunk III *
    Dana L. and Richard L. Vliet Jr.
    Marlene Grossnickle Young ’76, H’14, P’09 * +

    3 Roads Communications
    United States Pharmacopeial Convention