1. Gifts in Kind

    Through a GIFT IN KIND to Hood last fiscal year, the following individuals and businesses donated non-monetary items of tangible property.

    Emilie M. Amt
    Ann Kowitski Barber ’77
    Randy L. Cohen *
    Josephine Ritchie Dillion ’40, deceased
    Jeanne Zimmerman Gearey ’52, P’79 *
    Susan J. Gearey ’79
    Magaly Mauras Green ’74, M.A.’79 *
    Edith Howard Hogan ’59, P’86 *
    Phon-Chu Lee P’17
    Lucinda E. Leonard
    Mary Rottman Lipford ’04
    Carolyn Patton Meyer ’58
    Kathryn A. Morisse ’62 *
    Amanda J. Reinken ’06
    Deborah K. Schenkel *
    Maryann Whitehead Scherzo ’60 *
    Laura Martin Shafer ’70
    Sandra A. Shuman ’65
    Lois Baumgardner Spurrier ’63 *
    Deborah Demmy Thomas ’65 *
    Patti and Roger Witalis
    Bradley Wolf
    Mary Maclay Zimmerman ’50, P’77, deceased

    Tim May Investigations and Security Services
    Wegmans Frederick
    Wellstat Therapeutics Corporation
    Wolf’s Bus Lines