1. Gifts in Kind

    Through a GIFT IN KIND to Hood last fiscal year, the following individuals and businesses donated non-monetary items of tangible property.

    Joan Victor Boos ’59 *
    Anne Lyon Canon ’54 *
    John P. Coblentz Jr., Lynne Coblentz Gruber, and the Coblentz Family
    Joan Jacobsen Halbert ’61 *
    Susan Sander Langley ’63 and Stephen Langley III
    Anna H. Leventis ’87
    Caroline Campbell Lewis ’91
    Margaret Mills Michael ’67 *
    Nancy Davis Sackman ’54 *
    Deborah K. Schenkel *
    Martha Hearn Shimano ’86 and Kozo Shimano
    Sharon K. Smith M.A.’09, C’05
    Doris Dreller Sosin ’52
    Jacqueline A. Totten ’79 *
    Wegmans Frederick
    Elizabeth Bennett Wiegand ’60, deceased *