1. Parents and Grandparents of Students and Alumni

    PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS OF STUDENTS AND ALUMNI who made gifts between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016, are listed by giving level. Hood alumni who are parents are listed in the Alumni and Graduate School Alumni giving sections.

    Julane and Arthur O. Anderson P’07 * +

    John F. Nunn P’06 *

    Melva L. and Leonard P. Harris P’84
    Olivia G. White P’07, P’14 *

    Margaret P. and John E. Chickering P’09, P’12 *
    Amy and Charles G. Mann P’17 *

    Michael S. Young P’09 *

    M. Richard Adams P’09 *
    Earl W. Bartgis Jr. P’10 *
    Paul A. Belella P’15, P’19
    Brenda B. Clapp P’93 *
    Pat Latkovski P’93
    Kathleen and Douglas Marcello P’16
    Gregory S. Smith P’16
    Carol A. Snapp P’06 *

    Robert A. Barrows P’75 *
    Lauren and Michael Battle P’17
    Margaret Burlew and Kevin Benton P’17
    Gina and Wayne Creadick P’18
    Karen and Thomas Esposito P’18
    Brandy and Eric Knoebel P’19
    Robert K. Moler P’86, P’90 *
    Sandra L. and Paul J. Quattrone P’18
    Kenneth Shackley P’16 *
    Patricia and Alfred P. Shockley P’91 +
    Heather and Michael Shuck P’17
    Kimberly Wiegand-Kessler and David Kessler P’19
    Harland D. Zeno P’99 *

    Patricia and Mark Amatucci P’19
    Donald W. Ausherman P’12 *
    Debra L. Bowen and Michael P. Ziecheck P’15
    Teresa and Galo Cevallos P’14, P’16 *
    William R. Elliott P’06
    Cynthia M. and William T. Emory Sr. P’09, P’16 *
    Laura and John Ford P’16
    Sue Ann and John Fulton P’19
    Ben Henniges P’19
    Joy M. and Paul H. Kochanski P’98, P’19 *
    Theresa and Steven Levine P’03 *
    Ann W. and Douglas W. Miner P’11
    Kathleen and Richard A. Norman P’88 *
    Karen and Steve Shell P’13 *
    Suzanne W. Smith P’20
    Martha and Roger Stenersen P’15 *
    Sue and James J. Stiles P’11 *
    Lynne C. and Donald W. ZurWelle P’93 *

    Leona Agouridis and Barry Kozak P’19
    E. Briner Ashway Jr. P’71, W’44 *
    Ruth C. Auger P’86 *
    Patricia M. and Robert O. Bartlett P’09
    Walter E. Bastian P’79, P’82, W’50 * +
    JoAnn Berman P’10 *
    Sheryl and Dave Bingaman P’12, P’18 *
    Donna Jean Birmingham P’14 *
    Sandra D. and Walter Blakeman P’96 *
    Virginia H. and Robert L. Bowers P’88
    Mary and Donald Brinkman P’88
    Jacqueline A. Brown P’03
    Mary Jo and Gary Buchanan P’12 *
    Juanita and Cesar Cantos P’06 *
    Susan and David P. Chapin P’91 *
    M. Ruth Chubb G’19
    Harriet and Hugh Crawford Jr. P’71 *
    Barbara and Charles Cross P’00 *
    Laurese R. Dancy and Ronald T. Tate P’16
    Beryl and Leonard D. Dank P’91 *
    Alex Deboissiere P’18
    Pamela and Chris Dell P’18
    Dianne and Kenneth Diehl P’14, P’18
    Ann and A. David Froehlich P’91 *
    Marilyn and Raymond L. Gindroz P’92
    Sherri Gingrich P’15 *
    Deborah and Douglas Hase P’18
    Linda and John R. Hastings P’86 *
    Margaret O. and Charles W. Hoff III P’92 * +
    Colonel and Mrs. Carson E. Holman P’83 *
    Doreen K. and Robert T. Jarvis Sr. P’06
    Margaret and Kam F. Jim P’06 *
    Polly J. and George L. Jordan P’92
    Mary Catherine Keegan-Ayer and Brent Ayer P’14, P’15 *
    Eileen D. and Gary Laabs P’02 *
    Dayna L. and Albert K. Lane III P’13 *
    Mindy and John Leaman P’18
    Hyun S. and Erik Lillehoj P’02 *
    Donald Magnuski P’17
    Nancy A. and Kevin J. Mahoney P’19
    Robert McCardle P’19
    Jane and John C. McCombs P’76, P’80 *
    Elaine L. and Jeffrey McDonald P’02 *
    Gretchen McKethan P’03
    Julie M. and R. Barry McNeill P’09, P’14
    Cynthia and Graydon Moir P’19
    Lori and Todd Palmer P’16
    Lisa and Gregory C. Pandolfo P’18
    Winona R. and Steven J. Peterson P’12, P’14, P’19
    Marina and Santo Pillari P’17, P’17
    Deanne Thompson Price P’67, deceased *
    Melissa F. and Robert W. Robinson P’17
    Gina D. and Francis T. Sebald P’05 *
    Douglas W. Shenton P’18
    Gloria P. and William Single III P’83 *
    Judith and Michael Slotterback P’18
    Marcia and Oney P. Smith P’13 *
    Sharron W. and William O. Smith Jr. P’05 *
    Seida Tamargo and Bo Thoms P’18
    Edwina and Robert Thomas P’10, P’15 *
    Linda L. and Richard Thompson P’01 *
    David H. Wallace P’79 *
    Ieda Wiarda P’86
    Susan E. and Nicholas W. Wood P’97
    Monika and Timothy Zubradt P’19

    Anne and Gregory W. Bangs P’17
    John E. Boon Jr. P’99
    Jean Brown G’16
    Kevin F. Brown P’15
    Yvonne and Winston Brown P’14
    Robin S. and Jeff D. Caples P’14
    Marsha and Kevin Capps P’18
    Jennifer Cavin P’17
    Donna Ching-Foster and D. Jonathan Foster P’16
    Mary M. Conroy P’11
    Danielle D. and Cybele B. Cook P’18
    Denise and Wayne Droneburg P’14
    Catherine and Sean Druelinger P’17
    Marsha M. and M. Robert Dyjack P’11, P’14
    Colleen K. and Robert K. Ennis P’12
    Debra and Murray Fewell P’14
    Ann and Sheldon S. Fischer P’17
    Rosemary Fourcade and Michael Hott P’16
    Connie and Gary Gambrell P’13
    Krista Greenwell P’15
    Chris and John Gregory P’12
    Marilyn M. and Robert L. Haar P’98 *
    Deborah B. Hearn P’86
    Jennifer and Paul A. Held P’07
    Robin Huckenpoehler P’19
    Vivian Davis Jackson P’90 *
    Saundra E. and Dean R. Jameson P’19
    Diana and Timothy Johnson P’18
    Gail Jones P’16, P’16
    Nancy and Stuart C. Kaufman Sr. P’07, P’08 *
    Marjorie Kling P’15
    Theresa and Neal Kopasek P’14
    Jennifer and David Lammey P’18
    Caryn and Jason Laurion P’18
    Georgina Leondarides-Mena and Raul Mena P’13
    Katherine M. Lotito P’15
    Kendall M. and John M. Lupari P’14 *
    Carol J. and Amer B. Malik P’17
    Dawn Mamon P’19
    Carol and Michael Maniocha P’18
    Leslie A.and Philip S. Mansfield P’17
    Josephine L. and Dean M. Marino P’16
    Linda and Brian McDonald P’14
    Michelle A. and Norman C. McGaughey P’17
    Lydia Mendoza-Hood and Paul Hood P’17
    Diann and Anthony Metzger P’16
    Cynthia and Dale C. Miller P’88, P’91 *
    Sherri and Wayne Miller P’17
    George Mineff Jr. P’11 *
    Barbara and David Minich P’10 *
    Tasneem and Farid Murshed P’16
    Sandra and Jerold L. Nook P’93 *
    Beth A. O’Malley and Randell G. Young P’20
    Jeffrey Ousey Sr. P’16
    Marisol A. and Miguel A. Paulino P’19
    Michelle and Gerald Paxton Jr. P’16
    Diana Penkiunas and John Swissler P’15
    Michael J. Phenis P’17
    Gayle R. and David Prokopchak P’18
    Diane and Michael Rifkin P’18
    Virginia L. and Clarence Reinehart P’97
    Stephen L. Rudow P’14 *
    Mark A. Ruiz P’19
    Vivian K. and Shehadeh S. Saah P’19
    Debbie A. and Marc A. San Fillipo P’18
    George H. Schaffer P’10
    Elizabeth and Bruce L. Shapiro P’86 *
    Michelle and Perry Shaw P’16
    Gail Shepherd-Smith and Rudolph Smith P’03
    Marilyn and Arthur L. Smith Jr. P’81 *
    Cheryl Snyderman P’12
    Judy and Robert Spiering P’99 *
    Mary Kay Sweeney P’19
    Karen and James Tavenner P’17
    Jeanne and Dennis Vacante P’04
    Elaine and Mike Verne P’10
    Tina and Todd Willhide P’15
    Cindy Wolf-Garton P’09
    Dona L. and Gary O. Wolz P’13 *
    Douglas C. Wright P’17