1. Parents and Grandparents of Students and Alumni

    PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS OF STUDENTS AND ALUMNI who made gifts between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, are listed by giving level. Hood alumni who are parents are listed in the Alumni and Graduate School Alumni giving sections.

    Margaret Taylor Hooper P’58, deceased

    John F. Nunn P’06 *
    Annette Rubin P’65, deceased

    Melva L. and Leonard P. Harris P’84
    Glenn G. Neubauer P’72, W’45 *
    Patricia and Alfred P. Shockley P’91

    Margaret P. and John E. Chickering P’09, P’12 *
    Olivia G. White P’07 *

    Amy and Charles G. Mann P’17 *

    M. Richard Adams P’09 *
    Julane and Arthur O. Anderson P’07
    Brenda B. and Peter D. Clapp P’93 *
    Kathleen and Douglas Marcello P’16
    Eileen and Robert G. Smerk P’03 *

    Edward F. Ebert Jr. G’16, W’57
    Michelle and Rex A. Ryan P’15
    Carol A. Snapp P’06
    Sue and James Veres P’14

    Robert A. Barrows P’75 *
    Sherri Gingrich P’15
    Irene Jankowski P’15
    Mary Catherine Keegan-Ayer and Brent Ayer P’14, P’15
    Joy M. and Paul H. Kochanski P’98 *
    RoseAnn M. and Noel K. Lester P’06, P’10
    Amy and Bob Mauer P’12 *
    Ardeth C. and Robert K. Moler P’86, P’90 *
    Van and Robert Nowosielski P’04
    Edwina and Robert Thomas P’10, P’15 *
    Joseph Tischer P’86

    E. Briner Ashway Jr. P’71, W’44
    Walter E. Bastian P’79, P’82, W’50
    Mary Jo and Gary Buchanan P’12 *
    Margaret Burlew and Kevin Benton P’17
    Teresa and Galo Cevallos P’14, P’16 *
    Cynthia M. and William T. Emory Sr. P’09, P’16 *
    Pat and Leonard Latkovski Jr. P’93 *
    Theresa and Steven Levine P’03 *
    Kathleen and Richard A. Norman P’88 *
    Lori and Todd Palmer P’16
    Mary C. and Randy D. Shaak P’14
    Karen and Steve Shell P’13
    Gloria P. and William Single III P’83 *
    Martha and Roger Stenersen P’15
    Harland D. Zeno P’99 *

    Ruth and Donald O. Auger P’86 *
    Doris Ayers P’70
    Lauren and Michael Battle P’16
    William D. Bell P’86
    JoAnn Berman P’10 *
    Patricia Bertorelli P’09
    Sheryl and Dave Bingaman P’12, P’18
    Charles Bodine P’13, P’15 *
    Tracy A. Broderick P’09 *
    Patricia and James Bronson P’17
    Juanita and Cesar Cantos P’06 *
    Susan and David P. Chapin P’91
    Lovetta F. Corson-Morgan P’12
    Harriet and Hugh Crawford Jr. P’71 *
    Barbara and Charles Cross P’00 *
    Betsy P. and Francis J. Cruice P’09, P’10
    Beryl and Leonard D. Dank P’91 *
    Joseph C. Duarte P’11, P’14
    Lois and Richard Fay P’16
    Anna and Mark Friedly P’16
    Ann and A. David Froehlich P’91 *
    Marilyn and Raymond L. Gindroz P’92
    Kathryn G. and Bruce L. Hardman P’11
    Linda and John R. Hastings P’86 *
    Margaret O. and Charles W. Hoff III P’92
    Colonel and Mrs. Carson E. Holman P’83 *
    Margaret and Kam F. Jim P’06 *
    Virginia M. Kelly P’81, G’13
    Brigid Krizek P’99
    Eileen D. and Gary Laabs P’02 *
    Dayna and Albert K. Lane III P’13 *
    Hyun S. and Erik Lillehoj P’02
    Donald Magnuski P’17
    Jane and John C. McCombs P’76, P’80 *
    Elaine L. and Jeffrey McDonald P’02
    Julie M. and R. Barry McNeill P’09, P’14
    George Mineff P’11 *
    Amy C. Morton P’14
    Stacey C. and John A. Murphy P’17
    Nancy Norman-Van Schaik and Robert Van Schaik P’14
    Moremi and Olutola J. Onijala P’14
    Marina and Santo Pillari P’17, P’17
    Deanne Thompson Price P’67
    Virginia L. and Clarence Reinehart P’97
    Maira V. and William B. Rogers P’17
    Gina D. and Francis T. Sebald P’05 *
    Kenneth Shackley P’16 *
    Gloria P. and William Single III P’83 *
    Gregory S. Smith P’16
    Marcia and Oney P. Smith P’13 *
    Louise and Frederic Smoak P’13 *
    Sue and James J. Stiles P’11 *
    Linda L. and Richard Thompson P’01 *
    Jane and Angel Torano P’16
    Jeanne and Dennis Vacante P’04
    Richard J. VanHassel P’75, W’49
    David H. Wallace P’79 *
    Ieda and Howard Wiarda P’86
    Lynne C. and Donald W. ZurWelle P’93 *

    Elizabeth A. and Matthew J. Atras P’11
    Mary Ball P’17
    Anne and Gregory W. Bangs P’17
    Thomas H. Barksdale P’87
    Mary Jane and Rusty Bealer P’17
    Miriam and Dwayne Bell P’14
    Naomi J. Bell P’12
    Jayne H. Bennett P’10
    Sandra D. and Walter Blakeman P’96 *
    Morris R. Bonde P’08
    Michelle R. and Bryan D. Bosley P’17
    Kevin F. Brown P’14
    John F. Burket P’14
    Jeanine Carter and Francis B. McNamara P’14
    Nahid A. Chaudhury and Pear Enam P’12
    Carolyn and Herman Cohee P’15
    Melissa M. Damschroder P’17
    Susan L. and Thomas D. DesRoches P’14
    Kari and Richard Deuber P’15
    Millie K. and Henry F. Dirks P’17
    Stephanie Donaldson P’16
    Denise and Wayne Droneburg P’14
    Catherine and Sean Druelinger P’17
    Gina L. and John E. DuBell P’15
    Bonnie and Wayne Dunkley P’17
    Juli and Doug Dyckman P’14
    Marsha M. and M. Robert Dyjack P’11, P’14
    Julie and Peter Dystant P’15
    Wendy and Walter Emery P’15
    Susan W. and David A. Erb P’14
    Elizabeth Fetters P’16
    Jacob Fetters P’16
    Debra and Murray Fewell P’14
    Ann and Sheldon S. Fischer P’17
    Robyn and Michael Fox P’16
    Claudia and Bruce Fraser P’12
    Betty J. and Lawrence S. Gannon P’14
    Tina and Mark Gates P’16
    Cynthia A. and William B. Green P’14
    Chris and John Gregory P’12
    Marilyn M. and Robert L. Haar P’98 *
    Brian Hall P’14
    Lori A. and Mark R. Haller P’14
    Janice and Timothy Harman P’16
    Lora and Stephen Henry P’12 *
    Karen B. and Mark R. Higby P’17
    Ericka and James S. Higgins III P’14
    Alfred Hoch P’17
    Patricia and Michael Horabik P’16
    Kyaw Htwe and Phun Thang P’13
    Nancy L. and Terry W. Hunter P’09
    Nancy J. and Kenneth L. Huyser P’05, P’09
    Vivian Davis Jackson P’90 *
    Kathleen and Paul J. Jacobs P’99
    Linda S. and Stephen D. Johnson P’14
    Gail Jones P’16, P’16
    Sylvia J. and Benjamin M. Kauffman P’17
    Nancy and Stuart C. Kaufman Sr. P’07, P’08
    Joan and David Kirk P’16
    Theresa and Neal Kopasek P’14
    Kimblery C. and Glen D. Krauskopf P’14
    Wendy and Thomas Langan P’14
    Joann Lee P’15, P’15
    Phon-Chu Lee and Menglin An P’17
    Georgina Leondarides-Mena and Raul Mena P’13
    Kendall M. and John M. Lupari P’14
    Deborah Mackay P’16
    Sharon and Jay Mahaffey P’15
    Josephine L. and Dean M. Marino P’16
    Karen Martin P’14
    Vickie and Ronald Mazie P’17
    Linda and Brian McDonald P’14
    Aleta R. Mellon P’15
    Diann and Anthony Metzger P’17
    Leticia and Tim Meyers P’14
    Cynthia and Dale C. Miller P’88, P’91 *
    Sherri and Wayne Miller P’17
    George W. Mills II P’92
    Barbara and David Minich P’10 *
    Deborah S. and Michael Miora P’17
    Nina L. and Salah M. Moustafa P’17
    Tasneem and Farid Murshed P’16
    Sandra and Jerold L. Nook P’93 *
    Claudia H. and Colin P. Ormrod P’15
    Jeffrey Ousey Sr. P’16
    Ann and Terry Patterson P’13
    Michael J. Phenis P’17
    Katherine and George W. Pitzer P’88, P’91
    Rene L. and Kiwania A. Proctor P’14
    Patricia and Richard G. Puller P’08 *
    Susan and Lester Ravitz P’83
    Janet R. Ray P’13
    Theresa K. Reinken P’06
    Melissa F. and Bob W. Robinson P’17
    Stephen L. Rudow P’14
    Roberta and Ed Ruths P’17
    George H. Schaffer P’10
    Susan S. and William J. Schultz P’99
    Rebecca and Monte Schwarzwalder P’15
    Donna M. and Scott T. Sedgwick P’17
    Nicole and Eric Seeley P’17
    Patricia A. and Marvin A. Sellman P’17
    Elizabeth and Bruce L. Shapiro P’86 *
    Gail Shepherd-Smith and Rudolph Smith P’03
    Donna K. and Steven C. Shriver P’16
    Anthony Silveira P’15
    Donna and Jeffrey Siverd P’14
    Lisa and Paul Sledzik P’14
    Anna and John Smith P’15
    Marilyn and Arthur L. Smith Jr. P’81 *
    Wanda and Frederick Smith P’16
    Anna and John Smith P’15
    Judith O. and Ted I. Smith P’15
    Sharron and William Smith P’05
    Wanda and Frederick Smith P’16
    Cheryl Snyderman P’12
    Nazia and Musharaf Spall P’16, P’18
    Judy and Robert Spiering P’99 *
    Sylvia and Oleg S. Stankiewicz P’15, P’18
    Patricia and Robert Staples P’15
    Janene and Alvin J. Starr P’06 *
    Holly and Robert Stone P’15
    Serena Stone-Jackson and Kevin M. Jackson P’15
    Pamela L. Stromowsky P’13
    Maureen Struss P’14
    Christine and Fred Szabados P’14
    Karen and James Tavenner P’17
    Dorothy and Edward Thomas P’16
    Kimberly S. and Michael A. Tolliver P’16
    John M. Tonkavitch P’17
    Elaine and Mike Verne P’10
    Raakeli and Lawrence Watt P’13
    Sandra and Eric Wenzel P’14
    Christina M. White and Edward Walter P’17
    Tina and Todd Willhide P’16
    Maggie and Albert Woche P’15
    Kimberley and Boisseau Woltz P’17
    Dona L. and Gary O. Wolz P’13
    Ann and Robert Woodward P’15
    Claire and Paul Wright P’15
    Douglas C. Wright P’17
    Claire and Paul Wright P’15
    Carla and Samuel Wynn P’15
    Joyce and Frank Zarket P’14
    Edward T. Ziobro P’91 *