1. Planned Gifts and Bequests

    PLANNED GIFTS AND BEQUESTS allow donors to make larger gifts than they ever thought possible. These gifts strengthen the College today, and continue to grow in importance as Hood responds to new challenges and opportunities. The following are persons who established or added to planned gifts or whose estate gifts were received between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

    Donald A. Davis Sr.
    Helen Beach Stull ’46

    Joan M. Angotti ’62 *
    D. Pauline Baum Best ’41
    Lydia Caplan ’31
    Ann Holler Cone ’38
    Adamadia Deforest ’55
    Josephine Ritchie Dillion ’40
    Jane Fruechtemeyer Dillon ’53 *
    Esther F. Gray ’36
    James W. Hancock III
    Elizabeth A. Keitel ’70 *
    Margaret Snyder Neely
    Elizabeth Chinn Rossi ’59 *
    Catherine Dietz Smith ’39 *
    Sharon R. Sothern-Sanchez ’05
    Prudence Whitbeck Spencer ’63 *
    Eleanor Caswell Stanley ’33
    Gwynedd Wood Wade ’46
    Linda Stockdale Warren ’69