1. Special Gifts

    Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. Multimedia Lab

    The DELAPLAINE FOUNDATION, INC. MULTIMEDIA LAB was established to offer an on-campus multimedia center, providing students with opportunities to gain experience with all media platforms including print, audio, video, and the web.  The following donors made contributions in support of the project.

    Victoria E. Benson ’04
    Donna M. Bertazzoni *
    RaeAnn E. Butler ’89 and Stacey L. Collins ’89 *
    Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. *
    Tammie Nicodemus Kincaid ’88, B.A.’91, M.S.’97 *
    Jewel K. Smith ’96 *
    Bridgette Harwood Stumpf ’06
    Aldan T. Weinberg ’75 *
    Phillip A. Yerby ’11 *
    Marlene Grossnickle Young ’76, H’14, P’09 * +
    Amy F. Ziegenfuss ’95 +

    Field Lights

    LIGHTS were installed on the Thomas Athletic Field to support student-athletes and fans. Members of the Blue and Grey Club along with alumni, parents, and friends of the College provided financial support. The following donors made contributions to the project.

    Linda J. Allan ’70, M.S.’78 * +
    Virginia Mansfield Alm ’48 *
    Nadya E. Aswad ’86
    Lauren and Michael Battle P’17 *
    Bechtel Foundation
    Philip A. Berkheimer *
    Joy Miller Beveridge ’82 *
    Valerie and James Bimestefer
    Michelle Mutter Bowers ’93, M.A.’95
    William H. Browning Jr. H’14 * +
    Margaret Burlew and Kevin Benton P’17
    Miguel C. Caruso ’15
    Janet Hobbs Cotton ’59 *
    Barbara J. D’Amico ’89
    Marcene and Mitchell Demich P’17
    Cheryl Brown Dreiling ’69, H’13 * +
    Carolyn Cantagalli Dumaresq ’69
    Mark E. Friis M.A.’82 *
    Gail L. Gamble ’69, H’93 *
    Rachel L. Gannon ’14
    V. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk ’44 +
    Myra L. Holsinger ’70 * +
    Robert G. Hooper *
    Sylvia J. and Benjamin M. Kauffman P’17, P’19
    Lisa Oller Kennedy ’75
    Tammie Nicodemus Kincaid ’88, B.A.’91, M.S.’97 *
    Brandy and Eric Knoebel P’19
    David P. Langan ’14
    Julia Rank Loposer ’53
    Claudia Nichols Nealley ’84 and Mark L. Nealley M.S.’97 *
    Pamela Frank O’Brien ’80
    Kathryn Onrubia O’Toole ’00
    Allen T. Paxton ’16
    Samuel Pierre ’16
    Marina and Santo Pillari P’17, P’17
    Katherine Maguire Rafferty ’48 *
    Yvonne G. and E. James Reinsch *
    Rhonda and Robert Ricci P’19
    Charles H. Ross ’20
    Anjel L. and Stuart K. Scarborough P’17, P’20
    Suzanne W. Smith P’20 and Christopher H. Smith M.S.’95, P’20 *
    Sharon Delphey Stauffer ’83, P’11, P’12 and Michael A. Stauffer ’00, P’11, P’12 *
    Elizabeth C. and Thomas E. Sylvia P’19
    Mary Bloodgood VanHyning ’68 +
    Irene and Robert Viti P’17, P’19
    Charlotte Volatile-Goebel ’88
    Lisa K. Wells ’09
    Susan L. Whaley ’74 *
    Mindy Laighton Wilcox ’71 *
    Marlene Grossnickle Young ’76, H’14, P’09 and Michael S. Young P’09 * +
    Monika and Timothy Zubradt P’19