1. Special Gifts

    Ceramic Arts & Technology Graduate Scholarship

    The CERAMIC ARTS & TECHNOLOGY GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP was initiated by the generosity of Philip Berneburg and has been supported by gifts from alumni and friends of Hood College to provide financial assistance to a full-time MA or MFA student studying ceramic arts. The following donors made contributions in support of the fund.

    Susan M. Alter-Humphrey M.F.A.’14, C’10
    Judith Lehman Ballinger ’67 +
    Philip Berneburg
    Calista C. Bookout C’06
    Kim Longenecker Brenengen ’87
    Casey, LLC
    Janice Chassier M.A.’14, C’13
    Victoria H. Clayton C’08
    Maria Green Cowles
    Alicia J. Cruz ’97
    Hilary J. Davies
    Nancy E. Gillece ’81 * +
    Kathryn Miller Goldman
    Marc A. Grainer
    Shawn M. Grove C’06
    M. Beth Costello Hobby ’67 * +
    Mikie Holdahl
    Alexander W. Jarnot ’17
    Thomas G. Jewell
    Denise O. Joyal M.F.A.’14, C’10
    Rebecca Kay
    Margaret G. Lau C’13
    Barbara S. McMillan M.A.’15
    Kristin Muller M.F.A.’14, C’08
    Keith W. Parsley C’06
    Ryan O. Rakhshan ’11
    Jeanne and David W. Reager
    Deborah Sherer
    Alyse and Steven Steinborn
    Debra and Alan Williamson

    Moot Courtroom

    The MOOT COURTROOM was established to serve Hood’s law and criminal justice department to simulate court proceedings and to provide students with practice in conducting research, writing legal briefs, and crafting oral arguments. The following donors made contributions in support of the project.

    Virginia Procino Hartmann ’72 and Thomas W. Hartmann *
    Mary Alice Peeling ’76 *
    Ellen S. Sacks ’70, P’09 and Henry J. Widmaier P’09 *
    Christina Monroe Smith ’71 and Anthony J. Smith *
    Marcia Heister Wilcox ’78 and Alfred H. Wilcox * +