Parents and Grandparents of Students and Alumni

PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS OF STUDENTS AND ALUMNI who made gifts between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019, are listed by giving level. Hood alumni who are parents are listed in the Alumni and Graduate School Alumni giving sections.

Michael S. Young P’09 *

Julane and Arthur O. Anderson P’07 * +
Jeanne L. Kemp P’74, deceased +
John F. Nunn P’06 *

Stanley P. Schweinfurth G’19

Mark D. Chilton P’11 *
Olivia G. White P’07, P’14 *

Margaret P. and John E. Chickering P’09, P’12 *
Amy and Charles G. Mann P’17 *
Matthew C. McGreevy P’21 *

Debra L. Bowen and Michael P. Ziecheck P’15 *

Earl W. Bartgis Jr. P’10 *
Brenda B. Clapp P’93 *
Louis A. Langie Jr. P’83, W’51 +
Pat Latkovski P’93
Thomas B. Schmidt Jr. W’45, P’70, deceased

Robert A. Barrows P’75 *
RoseAnn Markow Lester P’06, P’10
Krista D. and David J. Peterson P’22
Holly A. Ramsburg P’14 *
Melissa F. and Robert W. Robinson P’17
Harland D. Zeno P’99 *
Lynne C. and Donald W. ZurWelle P’93 *

Donald W. Ausherman P’12 *
Lauren and Michael Battle P’17 *
Donna Jean Birmingham P’14 *
Melanie and Charles Eyler P’11
Tina M. Horton-Laforce and Rollin D. Laforce P’19
Joy M. and Paul H. Kochanski P’98, P’19 *
Theresa and Steven Levine P’03 *
Kathleen and Richard A. Norman P’88 *
Kenneth Shackley P’16 *
Suzanne W. Smith P’20 *
Carol A. Snapp P’06 *

Patricia M. and Robert O. Bartlett P’09
Philip A. Berkheimer G’22 *
JoAnn Berman P’10 *
Sheryl and Dave Bingaman P’12, P’18
Sandra D. and Walter Blakeman P’96 *
Mary and Darin Blevins P’17, P’20
Annette L. and J. Timothy Brennan P’22
Barbara and Charles Cross P’00 *
Laurese R. Dancy P’16 *
Ann and A. David Froehlich P’91 *
Ellen and James Ganz P’17
Marilyn and Raymond L. Gindroz P’92
Linda and John R. Hastings P’86 *
Darlene L. and Todd R. Haupt P’22
Colonel and Mrs. Carson E. Holman P’83
Margaret and Kam F. Jim P’06 *
Mary Catherine Keegan-Ayer and Brent Ayer P’14, P’15 *
William F. Knehans P’18
Jan and Robert Kundrick P’21
Eileen D. and Gary Laabs P’02 *
Dayna L. and Albert K. Lane III P’13 *
Hyun S. and Erik Lillehoj P’02 *
Olushola Matthews-Aroloye and Eric Aroloye P’22
Elaine L. and Jeffrey McDonald P’02
James H. Nuner P’90
Diane and Michael Rifkin P’19
Charlene and Robert Robertson P’84, P’89, G’15, G’19
Stephen L. Rudow P’14
Adria and Tom Schaefer P’22
Gina D. and Francis T. Sebald P’05 *
Peter A. Seymour P’22
Faye M. and John T. Shannahan P’88, P’90
Karen and Steve Shell P’13 *
Marcia and Oney P. Smith P’07, P’13 *
Sue and James J. Stiles P’11 *
Barbara J. Sullivan P’13
Dorothy and Edward Thomas P’16
Edwina and Robert Thomas P’10, P’15 *
Linda L. and Richard Thompson P’01 *
Kim and Alex J. Turner P’20
Angela and Thomas Urso P’21
Maricarmen Vendrell-Henson and Jesus Henson P’22
David H. Wallace P’79 *
Rose and Brian Wilson P’22
Claire and Paul Wright P’16

Tracey E. and George G. Acampora P’22
Fawzia and Said M. Ahmed P’94
Maribeth B. and Richard S. Anderson P’22
Kimberly Ariola P’19
Paul A. Belella P’15, P’19 *
Patricia Bertorelli P’09
Jacqueline A. Brown P’03
Wendi R. and Richard F. Bulgarelli P’18
Maeghan C. Byrne P’22
Laura S. Clark P’21
Maria and Patrick Connell P’20
Shannon R. and Carl C. Crawford P’22
Renae M. and Robert F. Davidson Jr. P’22
Dawn L. and Michael J. Dickerson P’22
Jacqueline E. and Randall L. Ellington P’22
Susan W. and David A. Erb P’14
Jane Emerson Farrell P’98 *
Debra and Murray Fewell P’14
Marcellus Goree P’22
Chris and John Gregory P’12 *
Jennifer and Paul A. Held P’07 *
Melissa Herr P’22
Lina and Keith Hollman P’22
Vivian Davis Jackson P’90 *
Doreen K. and Robert T. Jarvis Sr. P’06
Nancy J. and Stuart C. Kaufman Sr. P’07, P’08 *
Eugene Kinjerski P’22
Laura and Dean Knott P’17
Theresa and Neal Kopasek P’14
Susan Kowalski P’22
Richard T. Kreh Jr. P’21 *
Diane M. and Alvin M. Lewis P’20
Bart Lewis Jr. P’21
Diane M. and Alvin M. Lewis P’20
Josephine L. and Dean M. Marino P’16 *
Erica D. and Gabriel S. Mata P’22
Cynthia P. Mauer P’22
Kelly McGhee P’22
Julie M. and R. Barry McNeill P’09, P’14
Diann and Anthony Metzger P’16
Cynthia and Dale C. Miller P’88, P’91 *
George Mineff Jr. P’11 *
Barbara and David Minich P’10
Denelle K. and Alan R. Moss P’22
Amy S. and Darren R. Murphey P’21
Sandra and Jerold L. Nook P’93 *
Beth A. O’Malley and Randell G. Young P’20, P’23
Gail Peach P’16, P’16 *
Christine Pennewill P’20
Michael J. Phenis P’17
Elizabeth and Bruce L. Shapiro P’86 *
Gail Shepherd-Smith and Rudolph Smith P’03 *
Marilyn and Arthur L. Smith Jr. P’81 *
Jennifer C. and Edward J. Smith P’11, P’19
Sharron W. and William O. Smith Jr. P’05 *
Cheryl Snyderman P’12
Tracey and Tony Specht P’22
Serena Stone-Jackson and Kevin M. Jackson P’15
Gabriella Teh P’13
Sharon and Paul Townsend P’06, P’10
Elaine and Mike Verne P’10 *
Donna L. and Wilber R. Wheeler P’22
Ieda Wiarda P’86
Melissa S. and Brad M. Wilder P’22
Rose and Brian Wilson P’22
Lisa M. and Shane P. Wise P’22
Keli A. Witt P’22
Cindy Wolf-Garton P’09 *
Dona L. and Gary O. Wolz P’13 *
Susan E. and Nicholas W. Wood P’97
Danielle C. and Stephen M. Wyld P’22