Special Gifts

Brodbeck Chair Fund

The BRODBECK CHAIR FUND was initiated by the generosity of Ardine Gorden and has been supported by gifts from other alumni and friends of Hood College to update the seating for performances in Brodbeck Music Hall. The following donors made contributions in support of the fund.

J. Dawson Ahalt
Jack N. Anderson
Martha A. and Robert C. Badger
Alexa W. Bedwell
Jane and Walter Brandt
Mary and Donald Brinkman P’88
Mary Faith Carson
Richard V. Cover *
Mara and Louis Dudrow
Denise L. and Allen P. Flora *
Ardine O. Gorden *
Suzanne and Richard Hill
Sidney G. Johnson
Dayna and Albert K. Lane III P’13 *
RoseAnn M. and Noel K. Lester P’06, P’10 *
Martha Carhart LeVan
Jan Mallardin
Rachael Mellow *
Kathryn Zimmerman Nicodemus H’05 and Charles A. Nicodemus H’05 *
Rosemary Orthmann *
Cheryl D. Parrott M.A.’06, C’05, H’09 *
Linda and Steven D. Ranney
Vernon Rippeon P’88
Carla A. Rollandini C’05
Edgar B. Schick
Carol and William Schuhardt
Mary Ann Guild Simmons ’59 *
Virginia J. Skelley
Carolyn L. Snyder
Carol Wold

Virginia Munson Hammell ’67 Trading Room

The VIRGINIA MUNSON HAMMELL ’67 TRADING ROOM was established to serve Hood’s business administration department to simulate real-world experiences of working with financial markets through securities trading and portfolio management. The room will expose students to the similar technology and analytic tools as used on Wall Street and features trading stations, a stock quote ticker, and financial investment software. In addition to benefitting current students, the trading room will also serve as an admissions tool, encouraging the enrollment of prospective students. The following donors made contributions in support of the project.

Janet Hobbs Cotton ’59 *
Susan E. Edmiston ’87 *
Frederick County Bank
Virginia Munson Hammell ’67
Robert G. Hooper *
Kristina Campbell Joyce ’67
Cheryl Wray Kirk *
Neal J. Wilson *

Ronald J. Volpe Scholars

The VOLPE SCHOLARS, named to honor President Emeritus Ronald J. Volpe, is a fellowship program with a focus on experiential learning. Established by the Board of Trustees, the endowed fund is currently valued at nearly $300,000. Student fellowships range from $5,000 to $10,000 and are based on academic achievement, goals and nature of project. The first recipient received an award for summer 2015. The following donors made contributions in support of the fund.

Anonymous *
M. Richard Adams P’09 *
Linda J. Allan ’70, M.S.’78
Elizabeth Anne Arant Allen ’74
Martha Shortiss Allen ’59 *
Julane and Arthur O. Anderson P’07 *
Albertine Hodgson Baker ’49 *
Barbara Weaver Batdorf ’54 *
Philip A. Berkheimer *
Tina M. Bjarekull
Janice Black
Jean Righter Bolle ’50 *
Deborah A. Bonanni ’78
Jane Kulla Boorstein ’49 *
Claudette L. Boudreaux ’89
Natalie Colbert Bowers ’52 *
Virginia Price Bracken ’67
William H. Browning Jr. H’14 *
Mary Jo and Gary Buchanan P’12 *
Laura Eaton Butler ’47 *
Diane Campbell ’69 *
Peter W. Cha ’81 *
Amy K. Chan
Chestnut Hill Enterprises, Inc.
Margaret Lewis Christensen ’52 *
James H. Clapp *
Janet Hobbs Cotton ’59 *
Maria Green Cowles
Sharyn M. Duffy ’68 *
Elaheh F. S. Eghbal ’13
Margery Lesser Elfin *
Leon Ellwein
Kevin R. Filler *
Elizabeth Collmus Fisher *
Marylou Herrmann Foley ’64 *
Joan Esselen Foot ’69 *
The Foundation for Enhancing Communities *
Mark E. Friis M.A.’82 *
J. Brian Gaeng *
Gail L. Gamble ’69, H’93 *
J. Elizabeth Garraway H’85 *
Raymond V. Gilden *
Nancy E. Gillece ’81 *
Magaly Mauras Green ’74, M.A.’79 *
Eva Sayegh Teig Hardy ’65 *
Virginia Turnbull Hecklinger ’56, P’81, G’08 *
Barbara A. Hendricks
John K. Hodges
Edith Howard Hogan ’59, P’86 *
Myra L. Holsinger ’70 *
Robert G. Hooper *
Charles E. Hudson III
Kevin C. Jackson *
Anna Hart Johnson-Winegar ’76 *
Kristina Campbell Joyce ’67
Susan Bond Kearney ’85 *
Elizabeth A. Keitel ’70, deceased *
Carol Horwath Klecka ’58 *
Karlys Kline
Eleanor Chisholm Landauer ’86 *
Janet and Craig S. Laufer *
George E. Lewis Jr. *
George H. Littrell III ’89 *
Elizabeth Rudulph Lustenader ’69 *
Penelope Misirian Mardoian ’62 *
Lois Vars Mason ’51 *
A. Betsy McCain McAlpine ’51 and Harrison McAlpine Jr. *
Eugene C. McDowell C’09
Matthew C. McGreevy
Judith E. Messina ’66 *
Alice Riddle Metry ’57 *
Leonard J. Miller
Elizabeth Moose
Joan Bennett Moran ’58 *
Morgan Stanley
Sarah Schaeffer Morse ’63 *
Cynthia Newby ’67 *
Kathryn Zimmerman Nicodemus H’05 and Charles A. Nicodemus H’05 *
Janet Spaulding Nunn ’61, P’06 and John F. Nunn P’06 *
Jan Samet O’Leary *
Eleanor Meyer Pandorf ’63, P’05
Beth McKim Powell ’53
Edward C. Prensky M.B.A.’12 *
Deanne Thompson Price P’67
J. Ray Ramsburg III ’83, P’14 *
Natoma Reed-Vargason ’80, P’12 and Charles R. Vargason P’12
E. James Reinsch
Cynthia Sternberg Schein ’56 *
Edgar B. Schick
Martha Hearn Shimano ’86 *
Patricia and Alfred P. Shockley P’91
Lance W. Slaughter
Malinda B. Small ’81 *
William R. Snyder W’49 *
Barbara Cummings Stacks ’67 *
Sharon Delphey Stauffer ’83, P’11, P’12 and Michael A. Stauffer ’00, P’11, P’12 *
Jason P. Stevens ’05 *
Christine Plankenhorn Tischer ’65, P’86
John H. Tisdale
Audrey J. Vargason ’12
Ronald J. Volpe H’15 *
Marilyn and Denny Watson
Samuel R. Wells III
Frances Pickle Wetmore ’52 *
Susan L. Whaley ’74 *
Mindy Laighton Wilcox ’71 *
Neal J. Wilson *
Barbara Thomas Yinger ’57 *
Marlene Grossnickle Young ’76, H’14, P’09 and Michael S. Young P’09 *
Lisa A. Zaleski-Larsen ’01 *
Carol Handwerk Ziegler ’61 *