Special Gifts

Joanne Ezzard Barksdale Bench Donors

The following individuals made gifts in support of a bench for Strawn Cottage in memory of Joanne Ezzard Barsdale, professor emerita of home economics.

Caroline Crawford Ayres ’71
Katherine A. Barksdale
Thomas H. Barksdale P’87
Carol McVey Burke ’72, M.S.’80 *
Rebecca Eppers Byrd ’56, P’84 *
Deborah Patterson Clark ’62 *
Janice Burdge French ’56 *
M. Linda Kelly Gleysteen ’56, M.S.’84 *
Virginia Turnbull Hecklinger ’56, P’81, G’08 *
Jacqueline Kling Kreider ’56
Mary McConnell Milheim ’56 *
Janet Spaulding Nunn ’61, P’06 *
Ruth Barksdale Ryberg ’87
Nancy Gunnet Tyler ’56 *

Library Memorial Gifts

The following made gifts to support the Library Memorial project. The members of the class of 1958 purchased a plaque for a chair in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Truxal, and the members of the class of 1972 had one placed on a study table to honor their deceased classmates.

Class of 1958
Cynthia Williams Bohaker ’58 *
Elizabeth Conklin Collins
Kay Stubblebine Cox ’58 *
Joan C. Enterline ’58 *
M. Jane Walton Godfrey ’58
Margaret Jacob Jones ’58 *
Carol Horwath Klecka ’58
Pauline Sherman Leigh ’58 *
Patricia Bennett McCarthy ’58, P’92
Susan Brown Melech ’58 *
M. Anne Walton Merriken ’58
Carolyn Patton Meyer ’58
Carol Elsener Muller ’58
Jane Hollister Nicodemus ’58, P’86, G’16 *
Shirley Moss Poss ’58
Sara Lea Callaway Redmon ’58 *
Judith Strohecker Shumaker ’58
Sarah Swift Sites ’58 *
Marthanne Stephens Smith ’58
Robin Jamison Turner ’58
Ruth Wood Weaver ’58

Class of 1972
Kathleen Martin Belikoff ’72
Jane Esselen Blocker ’72
Anna M. Clavir ’72
Linda Wicks Crites ’72 *
Darlene F. DeMay ’72 *
Anne Gabriel Dunn ’72
Linda Cumber Gifkins ’72 *
Melanie Briddell Kipp ’72
Sharon McDaniel Lauer ’72
Robin Shaw Leto ’72 *
Susie Van Wert Loustaunau ’72 *
Janice Williams Martin ’72 *
Rebecca H. Riehl ’72
Ann Wilson Schuck ’72
Danise Simpson Simmons ’72
Kristine Vasey Smith ’72
Elizabeth Gruppe Stover ’72
Marianne Taylor Strittmatter ’72
Joan Leslie Wadsworth ’72 *

Fred Schenkel Scholarship

The following family and friends made gifts in memory of Fred Schenkel to support an annual scholarship for deserving students.

Alliance Structural Engineers, Inc.
Susan E. Anderson
Patricia M. and Robert O. Bartlett P’09
Sarah G. Bigham
Sarah and Casey Boutwell
Builders FirstSource – Sumter Truss & Wall Panels
Builders FirstSource – Dallas, LLC
Elaine A. Bush
Tamera A. and Tom Carregin
Cedar Creek LLC
Patricia A. and George E. Cowperthwaite Jr.
Lonnie W. Dalrymple
Joy Reese Derr M.A.’93, C’03 and John W. Derr *
Christine Douglas
Suanne and Timothy Drake
Susan M. Ensel *
Cornelius R. Fay *
Sandy and David Fedrizzi
Carol and John Folio
Donna and Michael Fuss
Marjorie Z. and James A. Garrett
Eileen T. Garvin
Nancy E. Gillece ’81 and Joseph B. McClintock *
Gilman Building Products, LLC
Nona and Norin Grancell
Sharon Gundrum
Brenda Hibbard
Jacqueline L. Hoffman
Hood College Office of Institutional Advancement
JLL Partners
Nancy and Stuart C. Kaufman Sr. P’07, P’08
Mary Catherine Keegan-Ayer and Brent Ayer P’14, P’15
Keller Construction
Jessica and Christopher Keller
Karen and Tom Keller
Patricia A. Kelly
Christine and Steve Kitsoulis
Ladies Auxiliary Perinton Memorial VFW Post 8495
Margaret Bull Larsen ’74, M.S.’79
Cindy Leis
Jeanne and Philip Levey
Bonnie E. and David W. Lightcap *
Mimi Mack
Amy Kaufman MacLeod ’08, M.B.A.’11 and Andrew J. MacLeod *
Cathryn Martino ’84 *
Jane S. McCall
Brenda and William McGregor
Margaret and Dennis McKinney *
Julie and John Odenbach
Joyce M. Orrico
Margaret Palmer
Eileen and Lawrence Patton
Donna and Ralph Rienzo
Nancy and Robert Robertson
Sara M. and Robert E. Rooy
Linda S. Roth *
Linda and Thomas Sayler
Krista A. Schaffert ’04 *
Lisa J. Schaffert
Mary Jane and James Schenkel
Connie S. Schmaljohn and John E. Russell Sr.
Jill and Greg Schumacher
Beverly and Floyd Sherman
Marie and Joseph Shero
Nancy Shero
Rebecca Shero
Shopper’s Haven
Tamara L. Smith *
Jane M. Talarico ’79, M.A.’82
Marcy Goldberg Taylor ’81, M.B.A.’00 *
Phyllis I. Townsend and Carl E. Townsend M.S.’01
Regina and Gary Tucker
Casee Valentovish

Memorial Tree Donors

The following alumni made contributions to dedicate a cherry tree in memory of their friends, B.J. Schuler ’73 and Cindy Robel June ’75.

Lynda Strasser Brooks ’75
Priscilla Munkenbeck Cherrin ’75
Marcia Ritter Doiron ’75
Frances Vogler Groves ’75
Laura Lee Hickman ’75
Lisa Oller Kennedy ’75
Ellen Bosek McMahon ’75 *
Ann Shackelford Silva ’75