The Blue and Grey Club

Established in 2011, the BLUE AND GREY CLUB is the College’s organization to support athletics. Club membership provides additional financial support exclusively for Hood’s 21 intercollegiate teams and two club sports. The following were members for 2015-2016.

Linda J. Allan ’70, M.S.’78 +
Mark D. Chilton P’11

Sherri Smith Baggett ’81 *
Philip A. Berkheimer *
Victoria J. Bliss-Calkins and Thomas Calkins
Philip W. Bowers ’83 *
Brewer’s Alley *
Mark E. Friis M.A.’82 *
Kristen Galligan
KBE Building Corporation *
Allan Kleban *
A. Betsy McCain McAlpine ’51 and Harrison McAlpine Jr. * +
Danielle Stauffer Orndorff ’12 and Richard L. Orndorff ’12
Dorianna Colon Rice ’88 *
Sharon Delphey Stauffer ’83, P’11, P’12 and Michael A. Stauffer ’00, P’11, P’12 *

Stephanie Robertson Belella ’84, P’15, P’19 and Paul A. Belella P’15, P’19
Margaret Burlew and Kevin Benton P’17
Darlyn Counihan Chambre’ ’70, M.A.’82 *
Gina and Wayne Creadick P’18
Sally and Richard M. Dull *
Karen and Thomas Esposito P’18
Noel T. Farmer Jr.
Frederick Motor Company
Brandy and Eric Knoebel P’19
Mary E. and Howard L. Levine
Sandra L. and Paul J. Quattrone P’18
Katherine Maguire Rafferty ’48 *
Ramar Moving Systems Inc.
J. Ray Ramsburg III ’83, P’14 *
E. James Reinsch *
Judith Cervenka Rogers ’94 *
Martha Hearn Shimano ’86 and Kozo Shimano *
Patricia and Alfred P. Shockley P’91 +
Heather and Michael Shuck P’17
Ronald J. Volpe H’15 *
James P. Warfield
Susan L. Whaley ’74 *
Kimberly Wiegand-Kessler and David Kessler P’19
Neal J. Wilson *
Bradley Wolf
Wolf’s Bus Lines

Leona Agouridis and Barry Kozak P’19
Patricia and Mark Amatucci P’19
Edward S. Andochick *
Susan A. Audino ’85, B.A.’99 +
Trevor H. Baldwin ’15
Samuel Barish
Lauren and Michael Battle P’17
Joy Miller Beveridge ’82 *
Nancy Tressel Brown ’57 +
Calvin L. Burton ’13
Domenic C. Cetrone ’14
Susan and David P. Chapin P’91 *
Chapin Associates
Chestnut Hill Enterprises, Inc.
M. Ruth Chubb G’19
James H. Clapp *
Terri Petrillo Connolly ’66 *
Janet Hobbs Cotton ’59 *
Charles E. Covell ’83
Kay and Thomas E. Dickman *
Dianne and Kenneth Diehl P’14, P’18
Cheryl Brown Dreiling ’69, H’13 * +
Margery Lesser Elfin *
Shirley and Roger Eyler
Patricia Llewellyn Fitzgibbon ’03 *
Sue Ann and John Fulton P’19
Joy Gaddy ’78 *
Michael M. Gallion ’12
Gail L. Gamble ’69, H’93 *
Sandra and James E. Gangawere *
Kathie Jackovitz Harrington ’79 *
Ben Henniges P’19
Ronald S. Heymann
Michael W. Higgs ’14
Margaret O. and Charles W. Hoff III P’92 * +
Elisabeth Crouter Holter ’76, B.S.N.’15 and C. Kurt Holter ’76 *
Robert G. Hooper *
Elaine A. Hubert ’70 * +
Patricia Knobloch Jones ’51, deceased *
Mary Catherine Keegan-Ayer and Brent Ayer P’14, P’15 *
Dayna L. and Albert K. Lane III P’13 *
George E. Lewis Jr. *
Cynthia Coles Magnuski ’82, P’17 and Donald Magnuski P’17
Nancy A. and Kevin J. Mahoney P’19
Sheral Kniffin Maloy ’63
Matthew C. McGreevy
Julie M. and R. Barry McNeill P’09, P’14
Jack P. Mehl M.A.’88 *
Kristopher J. Miner ’11, M.B.A.’13
Cynthia and Graydon Moir P’19
Margaret Wentworth Morse ’73
Barbara Bagley Moule ’50 *
Lucas T. Netter ’13
Cynthia Newby ’67 *
Kathryn Zimmerman Nicodemus H’05 and Charles A. Nicodemus H’05 * +
Lawrence J. O’Hara ’14
Betsy Pakenas
Lori and Todd Palmer P’16
Christopher R. Patschak ’14
A. Austin Pearre Jr.
Winona R. and Steven J. Peterson P’12, P’14, P’19
Marina and Santo Pillari P’17, P’17
Ryan J. Pretko ’13
Corey D. Roberts ’12
Daniel D. Rocker ’11
Lynn and Fred Schumacher
Linda Horton Shaver ’78
Shoemaker, Horman & Clapp, P.A.
Judith and Michael Slotterback P’18
Malinda B. Small ’81 * +
Nickolas C. Spicer ’11
John H. Tisdale
Faustena Fradd Vahsen ’53, P’77 *
Anne Merrick Vosti ’58 *
John C. Warfield * +
Wegmans Frederick
Monika and Timothy Zubradt P’19